Hydropanels: A Solution For Providing Fresh Drinking Water In Rural Areas

An Arizona renewable water company began a collaboration aimed at improving quality of life and infrastructure in McDowell County, West Virginia through hydropanels.

The partnership, which includes Zero Mass Water, one2one USA Foundation, and DigDeep, will provide residents of the rural county with clean drinking water.

The technology itself, the SOURCE Hydropanel, creates drinking water from only sunlight and air, in almost all weather and climate conditions.

24 SOURCE Hydropanels will be installed at the Five Loaves & Two Fishes Food Bank in McDowell County.

The Hydropanel array will create up to 3,600 liters of clean, renewable drinking water each month (7,200 bottles worth) and will be distributed to local residents regularly, providing clean drinking water to the food bank’s beneficiaries.

The SOURCE Hydropanels will help make clean drinking water for the county’s residents using just sunlight and air. But more than that, these Hydropanels operate completely off-grid and are self-sustaining.

In areas like McDowell County where infrastructure and reliable access are uncertain, these Hydropanels serve as an independent water source for those who need it most, same model can be applied in other parts of the world too.

These issues are only getting worse, so it’s time to make sure that every person, in every place – no matter the location or demographic – has access to water that is not only safe to drink but that doesn’t deplete natural resources or harm the environment to do so.

Reference- Clean Technica, SOURCE website