China Builds World’s Largest 3D-Printed Structure

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The Chinese town of Suzhou is now home to a wall unlike any other.

Chinese construction company Winsun has finished building a 3D-printed wall in Suzhou which, at more than 500 meters (1,640 feet) long, is now the world’s largest 3D-printed structure of any kind.

The 3D printed wall consists of separate 3D printed modules that provide the necessary protection against strong river currents and the relative erosion, protecting coastal habitats, even those farther inland, from wetland flooding, aquifer, and agricultural soil contamination and lost habitats for fish, birds, trees and plants.

The wall is a river revetment, which is a type of sloping wall designed to protect a shoreline from erosion by absorbing the energy of the water’s current.

By 3D printing its revetment, though, Winsun was able to follow the natural contour of the Suzhou Creek which put far less stress on the ecosystem. Doing this provides more opportunities to protect the living environment for local flora and fauna.

Compared to traditional building techniques, 3D printing the revetment was also cheaper, faster, and required less onsite labor.

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