AppScooter: The Tesla Of Electric Scooters

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The Etergo AppScooter is a Tesla of scooters.

The name is perhaps the first giveaway of what makes it the Tesla of scooters: it’s called the AppScooter. Two of the best aspects of a Tesla, other than it being an electric vehicle, is the big center console and the fact that the product improves over time with over-the-air (OTA) updates.

The AppScooter looks and feels very similar in that it has a large 7-inch touch screen mounted front and center.

The operating system is based on Android and thus has the potential to run any app you need as long as it doesn’t compromise safety, which is at the core of their beautiful flat user interface design.

The system connects to your phone and will handle things like navigation, music, calls, and settings. Thanks to the power of over-the-air updates, the functionality can continue to evolve over time.

Another piece of Tesla-like design brilliance comes when we see the shape and placement of batteries.

Etergo came up with 3 large, banana-shaped batteries. These banana batteries are inserted through the under-seat storage compartment where they simply slide in to slots in the floor of the scooter, right under your feet.

Electric scooters usually have less, or even none, but on average might still have 5-10 liters of storage space. The AppScooter blows both away with a total storage capacity of 50 liters!

The AppScooter will be available with 3 motor configurations: 2 kW, 4 kW, and 7 kW motors. The 7kW version can reach upto speeds of 95km/h.

The vehicle has a range of 80 kilometers / 50 miles per battery module and up to 3 modules can be inserted into the scooter at a time.

For even longer rides, nothing is preventing you from putting a few spare battery modules in the voluminous 50 liter storage space 😉

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