Astrid Lite – The Most Economical Electric Scooter

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Gemopai Astrid Lite

Gemopai Astrid Lite is one of the most economical options if you are looking to buy an electric scooter in 2020 in India. Electric vehicles are in a weird spot in India currently. On the one hand, we have multiple auto manufacturers showcasing and announcing their next generation of EVs.

At the same time, on the other, due to a lack of support from the government and slow infrastructure development, these vehicles take time to reach the market.

This ambiguity has been slowing down the adoption rates in what is supposed to be one of the biggest EV markets in the future.

But then, there are a few companies who decide to take the plunge and face the potential risk of not being able to appeal to enough consumers. These include Ather, Okinawa, Revolt, and even Hyundai.

Gemopai Electric was another quiet electric two-wheeler manufacturer that is now entering the mainstream market with its Astrid Lite.

Astrid Lite does not seemed under powered even on a highway and the removable battery is a big plus. A birds eye view of some pros and cons have been presented below

Quick acceleration Built quality
Efficiency Stability
Ample boot space Design missteps
Long term cost savings No smart software
Removable battery Soft rear brakes
The scooter promises to bringing close to 100km of range and is priced at Rs 79,999.

The scooter is available in five colors— Eclectic Neon, Deep Indigo, Fiery Red, Burnt Charcoal, and Fireball Orange. It is available across 50+ dealerships across the country.

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