Arcadia Join Hands With Everon To Provide Sustainable EV Charging

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Arcadia, is partnering with Everon, a global Electric Vehicle (EV) charging platform. Together, the two companies are planning new solutions for 2020 that will make it easier for all EV drivers in the US to charge sustainably.

Everon operates in one of the fastest growing sectors, eMobility. Its platform is white label, hardware agnostic, supports over 21 different languages, and allows businesses to integrate with various APIs.

Arcadia is the only nationwide tech company focused on consumer energy, Arcadia’s software bundles clean energy, energy efficiency tools, rate monitoring, and more in a simplified, modern account experience.

It leverages combined purchasing power to negotiate lower energy rates for consumers while connecting them to clean, renewable energy from US wind and solar farms.

Arcadia is a utility and delivers renewables to their EV drivers. Everon provides everything necessary for the driver to plan where to charge, how to pay for it, and to get access to the clean energy from Arcadia to combat emissions.

More in depth, this means Everon will provide a white label app to Arcadia that they can provide to their drivers. This will have a map where all the charge locations are shown.

It will connect all the roaming partners from different networks to a single bill so that the customer receives only one bill in the end.

For Everon, it means commercial expansion, reaching EV drivers in the US. This is the first big deal in the US

For Arcadia, it means providing all the tools for EV drivers and access to all charging stations via Everon’s roaming contracts. For EV drivers at the moment, it’s quite hard to find stations, to know if they are available, and to be able to charge at any station.

This partnership will solve those problems for them. Furthermore, the Everon platform provides valuable insights into charging behavior and provides Arcadia with grid services to protect and manage their grid.

Together, they’ve created a gestalt that will create integrated opportunities for charging platforms that will have the potential to benefit both companies and consumers looking to deepen their renewable energy decisions.

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