VATA – A Sustainable & Smart Working Space

It was a pleasure meeting with Mr.Bharat Khetan, a young entrepreneur from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, who was moved by the concept of ‘sustainability’ so much that he decided to peruse a career with it, way back when he was still studying in USA.

After completing his studies he decided to put the concept into practice and moved into real state business as he felt that is where he can make a huge difference to society by creating structures that do not pollute but breath out fresh air thus was born the idea of “VATA.”

As sustainability conscious project, rainwater harvesting system for managing 100% rainwater runoff has also been incorporated.

Vata, the building, has its origin in Sanskrit word ‘Vaat’ meaning Air, as such a special emphasis has been paid to this aspect. The building has a ‘Dedicated Outdoor Air System’ to clean outdoor air by removing particulate matter and other pollutants. This will create a Micro Climate within the livable space.

It has further been designed to reduce operational energy consumption by approx. 30% over ASHRAE benchmark and has been fitted with a dedicated on grid 60 KW rooftop solar power plant.

A 30 KLD sewage treatment plant, treats 100% wastewater and limit the discharge to zero. This water is reused entirely in toilet flushing and drip irrigation.

Even in construction, recyclable materials have been used, wherever possible. Key materials including Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) have been custom built to minimizing wastage to less than 5%. The RMC also had the maximum percentage of permissible Fly Ash component.

Over 90% of working spaces are day-lit with zero-glare leading to high visual comfort for occupants. Treated fresh air via air-conditioners and low VOC interior finishes ensure a healthy and fresh indoor environment.

In short, Vata has been envisioned, designed and built as a ‘High Performance & Sustainable building (Smart Building)’ that has minimal carbon footprint.

To sum up it is a building to be occupied and not just read about, because seeing is believing 😉

This is a Clean-Future Exclusive