Audi To Invest $100 Million For 10% Onsite EV Charging Stations

How much does Audi see the future being electric? Well, with plans to include EV charging stations at 1 out of every 10 parking spaces at its German factories by mid-2022, Audi seems to think this is where we’re headed.

True, that’s mid-2022 not mid-2020, and it’s only 10%, but I still don’t know any other auto company with plans to electrify its 10% of parking spaces!

To emphasize that this is newsworthy, they pointed out that this is actually the biggest EV infrastructure rollout from a German employer. In total, there will be more than 4,500 charging points installed.

For some perspective, Los Angeles, one of the top cities in the world for electric vehicle adoption and charging infrastructure just has 271 public charging stations.

It’s main factory in Ingolstadt will be home to 3,500 of the charging points. Another 1,000 will be at the Neckarsulm factory. There will be “just under 100 in Brussels and Győr” as well as charging infrastructure at Audi’s facilities in San José Chiapa, Mexico.

Audi is planning to put $100 million into all of this EV charging infrastructure.

This is quite an impressive corporate EV charging project. It’s gigantic. Yes, it’s “only” 10% parking spots, but one can image what kind of massive investment, planning, and power capacity is needed in order to reach 10%.

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