KUKA – Fully Automated Charger For Electric Vehicles

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The KUKA autonomous EV charger enables hands-free Electric Vehicle (EV) charging at just the touch of a button in the app. For the average consumer, automating a task that takes maybe 10 seconds every night is not a major win but becomes an absolute game changer, when we look at the need of autonomous fleets.

Formally known as the KUKA charging assistant carla_connect, the charger is able to find the charging port on the car and plugin without the need for precise parking on the part of the hardcore humans in charge.

Looking just beyond human drivers to a world where vehicles drive themselves, we will also need rows of fully autonomous chargers to keep them charged up, KUKA autonomous EV chargers will come in handy there.

Reference- KUKA website and PR, Futurism, Clean Technica

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