Goodyear ReCharge – No Need To Replace Tires Just Regenerate Treads

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We replace our tires as the tread wears over time. That’s the way things go. At Goodyear, maybe that’s not the way it’ll go in the future — what if you simply regenerated new tread?

Tire maker debuted a futuristic tire concept on Tuesday, called ReCharge, that has the ability to regrow its tread using a special liquid compound capsule.

The ReCharge tire takes capsules — think of it as a Tide Pod for your car tire- that a vehicle owner would administer when tread life wears down. The biodegradable compound, made from spider-silk-inspired material, restores itself with a liquid compound capsule.

But that’s not all — Goodyear’s concept tire is also customizable.

The liquid compound in this concept is totally customizable and works with artificial intelligence to create a compound unique to each driver. Further, it adjusts itself based on road conditions and the weather.

Separate tires for winter and summer? No need with the ReCharge tire — the compound can morph for safe travels.

Since this is a far-out concept idea, the tire looks properly futuristic. It boasts a tall and narrow shape with a lightweight frame. Goodyear said this design would eliminate the need to check tire pressure and would  leave flat tires in the past.

Just to be clear, it doesn’t exist yet 😉

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