EESL Tenders, RESCO Model Based, 20 MW Rooftop Solar Project

A RESCO model based, 20 MW grid-connected rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) tender has been issued by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL). These rooftop systems will be installed atop various buildings in Andhra Pradesh.

The solar project capacities have been divided into three packages.

  • Under package 1, the maximum capacity to be offered is 8 MW.
  • 10 MW under package II, and
  • 2 MW under package III.

However, the capacity offered under each package may vary depending on the open roof area, states the tender document.

According to the EESL, PV modules containing silicon must be used. Each of these modules must be rated for a minimum of 325 W with 72 cells. The efficiency of the PV modules should be a minimum of 16%, and the fill factor should be more than 75%. The PV modules should be supplied with a suitable aluminum frame.

The last day for the submission of bids is March 18, 2020. Interested bidders need to submit an earnest money deposit (EMD) according to the respective package.

  • Package-1, the bidders need to submit a sum of ₹915,2000
  • ₹10.4million for package-II, and
  • ₹1.94 million for package III.

The successful bidder will be responsible for the supply of solar PV modules consisting of the required number of crystalline PV modules, a grid-interactive power conditioning unit with remote monitoring structures, and a comprehensive onsite maintenance warranty for 25 years.

Reference- Mercom India, UNI, Economic Times