Natel Energy Raises $11 Million From Bill Gates For Innovative Hydro Turbine

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Natel Energy

Natel Energy secures a $11m investment from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, which was set up by the software billionaire Bill Gates and from Schneider Electric for its Restoration Hydro Turbine (RHT).

Natel Energy says its RHT can boost output from plants while simultaneously cutting effects on fish and other environmental impacts.

The system, which is designed for smaller ‘low-head’ hydro schemes operating on rivers, offers 20% lower operating costs than conventional turbines already running. It’s also touted as safer for fish, one of the key inhibitors of such projects.

A pilot 35kW (RHT) plant is already running in Maine, supplying a restaurant and a school, and sending excess power to the grid.

Breakthrough Energy Ventures said of the Natel technology: “Hydro has long been considered a perfect source for renewable energy, if not for the high cost of capital and inherent risks to wildlife based on most designs. Natel Energy’s patented high-performance hydro-electric turbine cleverly addresses both issues – lowering the expense per unit and making it safe for the environment.”

The venture fund added: “Furthermore, the product can be deployed as a retrofit in existing installations or rolled out in brand new developments. This means Natel has the potential to fundamentally change how water is leveraged as a renewable energy source that blends well with other important products like wind and solar.”

Natel said the investment would be used to scale-up deployment of the RHT.

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