AirBin – Smart Bins To Prevent Covid-19 Spread Via CVPs

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‘AirBin,’ an IoT-enabled ‘Smart Bin System’ to prevent the spread Covid-19 through waste generated at CVPs (Contagion Vulnerable points – primarily Hospitals, Clinics, Public Bins, Quarantine Zones). This has been developed by Indian Institute of Technology Madras-incubated Startup Antariksh Waste Ventures.

It enables remote monitoring of waste accumulation levels and clearances through IoT systems. This smart bin system can be retrofitted on to existing garbage bins on nearby poles, walls or the bin lids.

The objective is to help rural and urban local bodies clear every bin before it overflows and accelerate sustainability. This innovative product is on track to hit the market in around five months.

This Digital Waste Management System can generate alerts to sanitation teams at regular intervals on fill levels and on-demand clearance requests from end-users, for faster disposal of contagious waste.

In short, AirBin Smart Bin Systems will make it easier to:

  • Remotely monitor waste levels in bins,
  • Get timely alerts when bins are getting filled up,
  • Plan and improve waste management process for speedier collection, transportation and disposal,
  • Get automated cumulative reports of waste clearances and estimated waste generated by categories of wastes, locations, priority, among others,
  • Update concerned sanitation teams with the status of bin levels periodically, and
  • Update concerning recycler or incinerator for scheduling pickup of waste or route optimization for best pickup route, if across multiple clinics.
Antariksh aims to supply first 200 AirBin devices across India in next few months with long-term plans to deliver 100,000 units for 100 Smart cities in India.

Reference- Indian Today, The Hindu, Antariksh website

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