Transition To Clean Energy Is Dependent On Fossil Fuels…

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Opposition to clean energy technologies often cry erroneous claims like highlighting the dirty electricity that sometimes powers electric vehicles, the manufacturing of steel tubes that support wind turbines, and the mining operations of lithium for batteries.

The truth of the matter is currently that, yes, electricity for EVs will often have some mix of non-renewable electricity, the creation of steel for wind turbines is an emissions-heavy process, and the mining of lithium strips the earth of valuable minerals and pollutes the air in the process.

Whether the environmental pros of clean technologies currently outweigh the cons of their upstream manufacturing processes is not the discussion to be had (although, evidence significantly favors the pros).

History shows that energy transitions are achievable only with the aid of the preceding energy ecosystem like human and animal power was a major catalyst during the transition from a foodstuff-based energy ecosystem to one based on the steam engine and the water turbine.

This has never been so true as it is today. In order to transition to a new clean energy ecosystem, a dependence on using fossil fuels to create wind turbines, batteries, solar cells, electric vehicles, and other technologies must be endured.

Such a dependence will continue until this new clean energy ecosystem begins to support itself, but it’s not an overnight process.

Reference- PNAS article, Clean Technica, World Resource Institute

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