Northvolt Launches Voltpack Mobile System For Portable Power

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Northvolt launched the Voltpack Mobile System in partnership with energy provider Vattenfall. The modular system was designed from the ground up as a portable replacement for diesel generators providing energy as a service in temporary installations.

The modular Voltpack Mobile System can deliver up to 250 kW of power and a capacity of 245 to 1,225 kWh, depending on the customer need. The building blocks of the new system are Voltpacks.

These 245 kWh modules each contain three liquid-cooled Voltpack Cores. These modules are then bolted into a central interface hub of the system, depending on how much capacity is needed.

The hub is the brains of the unit and handles the primary interconnection to the local grid, is home to the inverter, supporting power electronics, and the application interface for the system.

For even more capacity, additional Voltpack Mobile Systems can be added in parallel.

Northvolt and Vattenfall will perform the final testing and validation of the new system at Vattenfall’s test and certification center in Älvkarleby, Sweden.

Much like the grid-scale portable diesel generators it will replace, the Voltpack Mobile System will seamlessly power remote electricity grids, improve grid reliability, offset demand charges at high power EV charging stations, and offer grid services.

At launch, the first units will be offered to customers exclusively through Vattenfall.

Reference- Northvolt PR, Clean Technica

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