Electric – The Future Of Post COVID Transportation

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In this brave, new, COVID-impacted world, there are clear signs that electric transportation is the future. Present pandemic clearly showed us how we have screwed nature.

The world for the first time in decades noticed that there’s less smog in major cities as a result of reduced transportation (and manufacturing emissions).

A recent report in Forbes asserts that up to 77,000 deaths were avoided in China due to reduced air pollution. People in Punjab can see the Himalayas for the first time in decades, and Los Angeles has enjoyed its longest stretch of clean air since 1980.

  • CO2 emissions fall
This rare good news, amidst current crises, highlights the improvement in life quality that awaits us if we continue to transition from fossil fuels to electric transportation.

All this clean air offers additional motivation to electrify transportation and help maintain the clear skies we’ve been able to witness for the first time in decades.

Another COVID-related trend is an explosion of e-bike sales. E-bike manufacturers and vendors are reporting a sharp increase in interest and sales.

Also as we deal with the economic fallout and double-digit unemployment resulting from shutdowns, used EVs have become even more compelling as they offer incredible fuel and maintenance savings.

Crises come with vast potential for societal change, and COVID may offer an opportunity to highlight the benefits of electric transportation to the world.

EV enthusiasts don’t usually put life or death on top on the list for why people should switch to electric transportation, but maybe COVID has taught us that we should.

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