Batteryloop Is Reusing Volvo Bus Batteries As Energy Storage Units

Stena’s Recycling subsidiary Batteryloop has entered in an agreement with Volvo Buses to reuse their batteries as energy storage units for a number of years, for instance in buildings and charging stations; after they are removed from Volvo’s buses.


This way the commercial service lives of bus batteries are significantly extended and natural resources are also conserved in the process.

Bus batteries are used for many years in regular traffic before they need to be replaced. However, when new batteries are fitted to the vehicle, the old ones still have considerable capacity left to offer.

This capacity is too limited to efficiently propel a bus, but it is more than sufficient for static use for energy storage purposes.

Repurposing the batteries means that natural resources can be conserved since it is not necessary to use new batteries for energy storage. The agreement allows Batteryloop to buy the used batteries and develop this solution together with Volvo Buses.

In addition to reuse, under the agreement they will also guarantee safe and environmentally suitable recycling when the batteries come to the end of their second life as energy storage units.

Thus offering a sustainable circular solution for Volvo Buses batteries. What is more, this cooperation means one can convert a cost into a source of revenue for the customer.

Reference- Volvo Online Newsroom, Stena Recycling website, Batteryloop website