Milky Mist – Building Rural Economy Through Milk Products

India has the highest level of dairy production and consumption of all countries, with an annual output of 186,000 tonnes as of 2018.

Milky Mist is synonymous with premium quality dairy products available across India.

To commemorate their success story, Milky Mist India has launched the ‘Building Healthy India’ campaign that focuses on its mission to build a sustainable rural economy by involving farmers at every stage of dairy production.

T.Satish Kumar, Managing Director, Milky Mist Dairy Foods Pvt.

Founded by T. Sathish Kumar in 1992, Milky Mist Dairy is a private sector dairy production company situated in Chittode near Erode, Tamil Nadu.

At the tender age of 13, Satish discovered an innovative & unique method to make paneer – a loved ingredient in kitchens across India. Thus, converting his father’s failing dairy business into the empire that it is today.

The company procures 6,00,000 litres of milk per day from over 50,000 farmers across South India. The company believes in empowering dairy farmers but directly procuring from them rather than involving vendors & third-party people.

To meet the requirements of farmers & take care of the animals’ health, Milky Mist also manufactures a compounded cattle feed that keeps the cattle healthy & ensures good quality.

The company has a fully automated dairy production process even before pandemic that ensures safety, quality & freshness of products with 99.9% Human hands-free productions.

The company initially started with manufacturing paneer and now has over 20 product categories loved by consumers in India and across the globe.

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