Talon – Mining Nickel In Eco-Friendly & Socially Responsible Manner

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Talon Metals Corp. is mining nickel in an environmentally & socially responsible way.


According to the company the “Green Nickel” mining incorporates two things –

  1. The first is focusing on projects that are high-grade (the average global grade for underground nickel mines is currently reported to be approximately 1.1% nickel), with high recoveries of metal from the rock. At the end of the day, this means there will be limited waste materials. This is truly how to mine “efficiently.”
  2. The second part of mining efficiently is what a mining company leaves behind once all ore is extracted. Will it be a highly polluted and inhospitable wasteland, or an opportunity for something even better than it was before?
Talon intends to use the finished co-filtered tailings facility as a solar farm, generating clean electricity for the community — thus continuing their support even after we’re gone.

Talon is developing a version of the hydromet process to produce battery metals at site.

This means no smelting.

It also means lower cost and skipping 3× transportation (across different continents) before nickel returns to the USA in a battery component called a cathode (i.e. we go directly from mine to battery).

Their mine plan includes the use of an electric mine fleet, they are analyzing the ways in which the operation can be carbon neutral, and the product will potentially provide a domestic source of sustainable nickel to power USA made electric vehicles. 

Talon is trying to remove the negative stigma associated with the word “mining” and show the world how “green” nickel mining can be!

This is a BusinessWire Feed; edited by Clean-Future Team

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