Mercedes-Benz EQS – Company’s First Truly Serious EV Revealed…

Mercedes-Benz revealed its new EQS electric sedan. In many ways, it’s the company’s first truly serious electric vehicle. Built on a dedicated EV platform and optimized to be an EV (and nothing else), it appears that it could be a Tesla-level experience for drivers.

Mercedes-Benz has put some real power behind the EQS infotainment systems, unlike any other on market till this point. It has 8 CPUs (I’m assuming they mean processor cores here), 24 GB of memory, and 46.4 Gbps of memory bandwidth.

These specifications would put to shame many of the custom gaming PC 😉 As per the information shared till this point the system will feature a route planner that factors in needed charging stops, weather, and terrain.

Mercedes-Benz says that it put a big infotainment system all over the interior of the vehicle because it expects autonomous features to leave people in the vehicle with nothing to do.

Not only is the big Hyperscreen up front, but there are headrest screens facing the rear for people in the back, so everyone can be entertained by the infotainment.

The vehicle will offer SAE Level 3 autonomy. Meaning it would likely tell you to take over in the event that it’s leaving a mapped area, or weather/traffic conditions are becoming untenable for the system.

EPA range numbers aren’t available, but the company says it will offer 770 km of WLTP-tested range. The vehicle can charge at a maximum of 200 kW and can add up to 300 km (186 miles) in 15 minutes.

When it comes to environmental friendliness, the EQS will be manufactured in Germany, in carbon neutral factories. Part of the carbon neutrality comes from the use of recycled and regrown materials whenever possible.


Finally, the company is offering a “green charging” feature. If you enable it (and this may cost you something), Mercedes will make sure that whatever electricity you use gets offset elsewhere on the electrical grid with renewable energy.

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