Blue Gasoline – VW, Bosch & Shell Develop A Renewable Petrol

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Blue Gasoline

Till the the world makes a complete transition to cleaner ways of commuting various companies are experimenting with existing fuels and are trying to hunt for greener chemistry.

Keeping the above context in mind – Volkswagen, Bosch and Shell have developed a low-carbon gasoline (petrol) about two years after renewable low-carbon fuels like R33 Blue Diesel have been rolled out in international markets.

This new fuel, called Blue Gasoline, similarly contains up to 33 percent renewables, ensuring a well-to-wheel reduction in carbon emissions of at least 20 percent per kilometre driven.

This means a fleet of 1,000 eighth-gen Volkswagen Golfs powered by VW’s 1.5 TSI engine alone could save more than 230 metric tons of CO2 per year, assuming an annual mileage of 10,000 kilometres each.

Blue Gasoline

Shell will offset the remaining carbon emissions from the use of Blue Gasoline through certified offset arrangements.

The initial plan is to make the Blue Gasoline available at regular filling stations over the course of the year, starting in Germany. The aim is for the price at the pump to be in the range of premium fuels such as Shell V-Power.

On the road to climate-friendly mobility, these companies are not leaving any technical opportunities untapped, starting with electric-mobility and ending with renewable fuels because they believe that every bit of CO2 saved can help them in achieving their climate targets.

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