Lincoln All Electric SUV Is Scheduled To Appear Next Year

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Ford Motor Company is aggressively moving into the EV space so it should come as no surprise then that Lincoln is also in line for an assortment of battery electric cars. The first is scheduled to appear next year with three more coming by 2030.

The electric cars from Lincoln will be built on a dedicated EV platform that permits either a single motor rear-wheel drive configuration or a dual motor all-wheel drive variant. The company’s new rear-wheel drive/all-wheel drive flexible bed architecture allows them to re-imagine the interior space.

The company has provided no specifics about its first all electric car, but if you guessed it will be an SUV, you are probably right on the money. Lincoln is joining the 21st century in other ways as well.


Lincoln Intelligence System, a cloud-based system for electrical, power distribution and computing systems, will allow for continued updates over the life of the vehicle. The company is also expanding its online sales platform and the number of bespoke showrooms across the country.

Those locations will showcase the vehicles, provide digital resources for customers to purchase a vehicle, and serve as a place where customers can drop off their vehicle for service.

Brand-exclusive facilities have driven the companies growth. In the top 30 luxury markets, more than 75% of their volume comes from brand-exclusive locations.

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