Electric Conversion Kits – Convert Petrol Scooters Into Electric

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Electric Conversion Kit

The wave of electric vehicles (EV) in India has already begun and we are witnessing many vehicle manufacturers investing heavily in ev segment but these electric scooter can still cost around Rs 1 lakh in India, and it seems a bit high for average buyers.

Electric Conversion Kit

Keeping the affordability factor in mind, Starya Mobility has developed an electric conversion kit which can transform your existing scooter into an electric scooter. All this change will be available at a cost which is half of a new electric scooter.

The electric conversion kit includes a motor which is 6.0 KW and is connected to a 250A controller. Starya Mobility has patented the motor, and it can offer a range of around 75-80 km. The top speed offered by the motor is 75 kmph and acceleration of 0-40 kmph can be achieved in just 3.7 seconds, claims the company.

According to company this will just cost around Rs.39000/-

Another company working on similar lines is bangalore-based automotive startup Meladath Auto Components. Among other inventions it too has an electric conversion kit for petrol scooters.

The e-kit (patent filed) which is currently in advanced stage of prototype testing consists of a front wheel mounted BLDC (Brushless) motor with hollow shaft.

The only point where the petrol engine and electric motor sub-systems meet is the throttle control. The company says that the retrofitting of its e-kit does not require any modification of the IC engine.

so with the surge in demand for electric 2-wheelers in India we are seeing a number of startups who are working on low cost alternative of converting the existing IC scooters into electric at half the price of a new one.

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