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Shakti Pumps Install High-altitude Solar Pumps In North-East Region Of India

Shakti Pumps (India) Ltd, the world”s largest manufacturer and supplier of solar pumps and motorized pumps, has announced the successful installation and commissioning of the northeastern region”s first high-altitude solar pumps project in Mizoram.

Shakti Pumps was commissioned to install the solar pumps at an altitude of about 4,000 feet in the Sialhawk village of Mizoram, thus making it the northeastern region”s first-ever high-altitude solar project.

The Sialhawk (Solar Pumping) Water Supply Scheme holds the distinction of being the largest and highest solar pumping station commissioned for the sole purpose of providing drinking water to the village.

Shakti Pumps

Under this marquee project, Shakti Pumps has installed eight solar pump sets of 75 horsepower, the highest among similar projects in Mizoram.

Of the eight solar pump sets installed, four pump sets will be working and four have been reserved to be on standby. The solar pump project will lift water from the river to a tank (with a capacity of 3 lakh litres) in four stages.

The total vertical height from the riverside to the hilltop water tank is about 900 meters and the total length of the pipeline used to lift the water is about 7,000 meters.

The Sialhawk Solar Pumping Station will provide access to drinking water and supply to over 4,000 residents of Sialhawk village in Mizoram.

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