England – World’s First Country To Make EV Chargers Compulsory

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England is set to become the first country in the world that will have a law where newly constructed houses will have to feature charging points. According to the new legislation all the newly built homes and offices will have to come with electric vehicle (EV) chargers in England.


New office blocks will be required to install charging points after every five parking spaces.

A report suggested that this move is being considered to help boost the confidence of people who are transitioning from fuel vehicles to electric ones as they are most anxious about the range.

This proposal is part of the larger goal where the UK wants to ban combustion engines latest by 2030. Hence, the country is aggressively focusing on providing the proper infrastructure that will help it to achieve its aim.

This law was first proposed by the government in 2019, added the report. The law is important because flexible charging at homes and offices during the day will play a crucial role in decarbonising, not just transport in England, but the entire United Kingdom’s energy system.

The law is expected to be implemented from next year. In addition to this, the UK government announced a free app called the EV8 Switch.

The app will calculate how much the UK drivers can save by switching to an electric vehicle compared to fossil fuel-powered vehicles. It will also provide details on carbon-dioxide reduction and better air quality that they can achieve.

Reference- The Hindu, BBC News, NDTV

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