Energy Vault Showcases A New Method Of Storing Renewable Energy

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Energy Vault

Energy Vault, the developer of solutions that combine traditional physics with powerful machine vision software to enable utility-scale sustainable energy storage, announced today that company has been named one of the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers of 2020.

Energy Vault
Energy Vault’s gravity-based, long duration storage technology is transforming the way electricity is stored and delivered, allowing renewable energy to be dispatchable and competitive with fossil fuels all day, every day for the first time.

The specifically built crane at Energy Vault use unique technology and machine vision software to automatically organize the raising and lowering of enormous composite bricks manufactured from locally sourced soil or trash.

Storage systems, which may connect directly into national utility grids or directly support off-grid renewable generating, are implemented by energy suppliers such as utilities and other big industrial energy users.

Energy Vault projects also keep brick production, building, and maintenance in-house, boosting local economies and creating jobs. Using coal waste and decommissioned wind turbines in the soil product is an integral part of Energy Vault’s circular economy.

The company’s first utility-scale commercial demonstration unit is nearing completion in Switzerland, where it will be directly linked to the Swiss national grid to show complete charging and continuous power discharging capabilities.

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