DreamDrive Feature Takes Lucid Air To A Whole New Level

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DreamDrive, Lucid Air’s ultra-intuitive advanced driver assistance technology, has been unveiled. Consider it an unseen co-pilot. DreamDrive takes Lucid Air to a whole new level, identifying things that one cannot see, adjusting car position on the road, and parking automatically.

DreamDrive Pro is the most comprehensive version, it is a stunning achievement of technological engineering and expertise. It has up to 32 on-board sensors, a sophisticated driver monitoring system, and lightning-fast on-board ethernet networking, making it one of the most powerful ADAS systems available.

The impressive 32-sensor suite that feeds data in Pro version is perfectly incorporated into Lucid Air’s external appearance. It has 14 visible-light cameras, five radar units, four surround-view cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and the first LIDAR installation in a North American automobile.

These sensors work together to allow DreamDrive Pro to detect things that a human driver might miss.

The Highway Assist function combines adaptive cruise control and lane centering control to assist keep the Lucid Air on the motorway where it belongs, at a safe distance from the car ahead and adjacent lanes.

To truly understand the power of DreamDrive PRo, one will have to experience it first-hand.

This is a Media Release From Lucid Air; edited by Clean-Future Team

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