UN – At The Current Rate Of Emission We Are On The Verge Of Disaster…

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According to an updated study from the United Nations (UN) which is a synthesis of the emission objectives of 192 nations, shows that they are expected to rise by nearly 16% by the end of the decade.


According to the research, current promises made by governments are insufficient to tackle the rising emissions. It goes on to say that if we continue on our current path, global temperatures would rise by 4.9 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century.

The message from this update is clear: Parties must quickly redouble their climate efforts if they are to keep global temperature rises far below the Paris Agreement’s objective of well below 2 degrees Celsius — ideally 1.5 degrees Celsius — by the end of the century.

The United Nations also issued its annual Emissions Gap Report, emphasizing the importance of all G20 nations setting more aggressive objectives toward net-zero emissions.

According to the research, the new objectives agreed upon by 120 countries may result in a 7.5 percent reduction by 2030. However, it must be reduce by about seven times so as to meet the Paris Agreement’s targets.

The two papers provide a bleak picture of the climate problem when taken together. Despite melting glaciers and natural calamities, not nearly enough is being done to solve it.

Reference- UNEP Emission Gap Report, Updated NDC Synthesis Report, Futurism, National Geographic 

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