Elecjet’s Graphene Battery Bank Can Charge From 0 to 100% In Just 27 Minutes…

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graphene battery pack

Graphene is a one-atom-thick carbon lattice that is extremely conductive. Pure graphene batteries are currently prohibitively expensive to mass-produce, but when bonded to an electrode in composite form, the material may already accelerate the charging characteristics of regular batteries.

Elecjet is employing this method with its new 10,000mAh (40Wh) battery, which costs $65.


The usage of graphene has significantly boosted charging speed. Because of graphene, this 10,000mAh portable battery charges from zero to full in under 30 minutes, which is five to six times faster than a traditional power bank of the same capacity. Plug it in when you wake up and the Apollo Ultra should be fully charged by the time you leave the house.

The Elecjet Apollo Ultra charges linearly, reaching 25 percent in 6.5 minutes, 50 percent in 13 minutes, and 80 percent in about 21 minutes.

In addition to a quicker charge rate, Elecjet claims that the Apollo Ultra would endure for more than 2,500 charging cycles before the battery deteriorates to less than 80% health.

That’s four to five times longer than standard lithium-ion battery packs, which is beneficial for your pocketbook and the environment. The Elecjet Apollo Ultra is a lithium-polymer battery featuring Real Graphene USA’s patented battery technology.

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