Vestas Adopts A Modular Approach To Wind Turbine Design For Efficiency

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Vestas and the wind energy sector have helped to make renewable energy more efficient and affordable in many areas.

Global wind industry supply chain and transportation network have achieved critical mass. However, carrying larger, longer turbine blades has become problematic owing to the difficulties in navigating old bridges, tunnels, sharp turns, narrow roadways and other legacy infrastructure.


Turbine towers must be taller to accommodate longer blades. Greater, more powerful wind turbines need larger equipment to link the blades and create energy. So, to solve this issue, in a recent leak, Vestas revealed a new modular wind turbine snap-on mechanism.

Vestas been working on component modularity since 2012, and in 2019 they introduced the first modular onshore turbines and the EnVentus platform.

From a modular nacelle (the area at the top of a wind tower turbine that contains the electrical systems) design to the whole turbine they have divided the nacelle into manageable modular subcomponents, so as to maintain renewable energy competitiveness and scalability,

Using a modular, configurable design reduces time to market and simplifies logistics, construction, operation, and maintenance. This will help accelerate the global deployment of efficient wind energy turbines.

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