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Texas Instruments New BMS Can Increase EV Range By 20%

This week, Texas Instruments debuted its newest battery cell and battery pack management technologies at CES 2023. According to the business, its new battery management system (BMS) products might enhance an electric vehicle’s range by up to 20%.

Texas Instruments

According to the business, its new vehicle battery cell and pack monitors offer the most precise measuring capabilities on the market. The BQ79718-Q1 battery cell monitor and the BQ79731-Q1 battery pack monitor are the most recent battery controllers from TI.

These devices give an unparalleled degree of accuracy and precision in monitoring battery voltage, current, and temperature in order to estimate a vehicle’s real range and enhance the overall life and safety of the battery pack.

Texas Instruments BQ79718-Q1 enables manufacturers to optimize the real range of their EV by measuring battery cell voltage down to 1 mV of precision, while the BQ79731-Q1 measures battery pack current down to 0.05% of accuracy. Such accuracy allows for the most exact measurement of state of charge and condition of health at the individual cell and pack levels.

figure shows the different high voltages, current, and temperatures that the pack monitor measures inside a BJB enabled by the BQ79731-Q1 battery pack monitor.

As a result, drivers have greater knowledge about the real range of their vehicles at any one time, because every watt-hour stored and recovered from the cells is crucial to increasing the driving range.

Automobile manufacturers may get a head start on their ideas by acquiring the battery cell monitor BQ79718-Q1 assessment module for $399. The battery pack monitor BQ79731-Q1 evaluation module is also available for $199. Texas Instruments has made all of the items highlighted for BMS accessible for purchase right away.

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