New Eco-Friendly Beer Made From Used Shower Water

If you’re looking for a pleasant, ecologically friendly beverage, try the Epic OneWater Brew, a kölsch-style beer brewed from recycled wastewater.


The Epic OneWater Brew was reportedly made from greywater — in short, wastewater from dishes, laundry, and bathroom shower and sinkwater — from a 40-story apartment complex in San Francisco as a collaboration between Epic Cleantec and the Northern California-based beermaker Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company.

The beverage appears to be rather good. The beer was hailed as “pleasant,” “crisp,” and “drinkable” by Matthew Canton, a Guardian journalist who tried it, with “no notes of shower or laundry.” That’s already about 10 levels above Keystone Light, which might as well be dishwater, so it feels like a victory for everyone.

Many individuals were skeptical about the idea or were afraid to try this beer, but it turns out that 99 percent of those who walked in feeling cautious, grew incredibly enthusiastic after they experienced it. If you’re concerned about the safety of drinking recycled water, Epic claims that their product is actually safer for customers than other beers owing to the extensive testing procedure that they need.

Overall, the Epic OneWater Brew appears to be a novel approach to our ever-worsening water situation. And, if we’re being honest, most of us might definitely argue that when it comes to beer, we’ve probably had worse.

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