Bestune Xiaoma

Bestune Xiaoma: A Mini EV That Can Drive Cross-Country!

China’s First Auto Works (FAW), is planning to amp up its game in the micro-EV market by introducing the Xiaoma Small Electric under the Bestune Xiaoma label. The Bestune Xiaoma is gonna compete with the super popular Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, which is currently like the top-selling microcar in China.

The Bestune Xiaoma comes with a price tag of around 30,000 to 50,000 Yuan (which is like ₹3.47 lakh to ₹5.78 lakh).

Bestune Xiaoma

The Bestune Xiaoma will be available in both hardtop and convertible versions. But for now, only the hardtop version will be on sale, and we’re not sure yet when the convertible option will be released. The car has a cool 7-inch touchscreen and a stylish dual-tone dashboard.

The Xiaomi Small Electric has a cool and playful look with its boxy shape and two-tone colors. It’s got big square headlights and sleek wheels that help it go farther. The back of the car also looks great, with matching tail lights and bumper.

The Bestune Xiaoma EV versions can go over 800 kilometers, and the extender model can go up to 1200 kilometers. Both platforms support an 800 V architecture. The micro-EV has a 20 kW electric motor in the back and runs on a lithium-iron phosphate battery. It also has a driver-side airbag and a 3-door setup for safety.

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