Hyundai Will Sell Its Cars On Amazon

Hyundai Partners With Amazon To Revolutionize Car Buying

Amazon and Hyundai have announced a partnership that will allow customers to purchase Hyundai cars — both conventional and electric — online through Amazon’s website. This collaboration aims to provide convenience for customers by allowing them to easily find and buy their desired vehicle online and pick it up from a local car dealer.


Amazon and Hyundai have formed a strategic collaboration that involves several key initiatives like

  • In 2024, Amazon will begin selling vehicles online in the United States.
  • Additionally, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been chosen as preferred cloud provider to aid in digital transformation efforts.
  • Furthermore, Hyundai vehicles in the future will integrate the Alexa Built-in experience.

Once a particular car has been selected, all the customer has to do is show up at the participating dealership to pick up their new vehicle. It’s the first time for Amazon to sell cars on its website — a business it wants to expand in the future.

(from left) Marty Mallick, vice president of worldwide corporate business development, Amazon and José Muñoz, president and global COO, Hyundai Motor Company and president and CEO of Hyundai Motor North America

Customers can easily access, enter their location, and view the available inventory in their area. They can then choose the desired car model and options, proceed with the financing process, and add the selected car to their cart.

By completing the online checkout process, customers can make a down payment and sign all necessary paperwork without having to visit a physical dealership. This eliminates the need for negotiation, the possibility of walking out for a better deal, or any price markups.

However, customers will not be able to book a test drive on Amazon, but they can view Hyundai vehicles in a 360-degree format on the website, similar to Hyundai’s own site — a so-called “enhanced showroom.”

Amazon will only show the cars that dealers currently have in stock and customers should be able to get the car within a few days of purchasing it. In addition, Hyundai vehicles will also have Amazon Alexa integrated into them by 2025.

It will be intriguing to observe how many dealers choose to participate in this new program. Generally, dealers are skeptical of any modifications that could diminish their control over the market or their financial gains. Several GM and Ford dealers have voiced opposition to proposals they believe could have such effects.

While this may not pose a direct threat to franchise dealers, it is a departure from the usual way of doing business, which may discourage many dealers from pursuing this opportunity.

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