Volvo Trucks Unveils First Electric-Only Model: The Volvo FM Low Entry

Volvo Trucks has launched its latest all-electric truck, the Volvo FM Low Entry, which is specifically designed for urban areas. This electric-only model prioritizes safety, efficiency, and emission reduction, in response to the growing need for quieter and zero-emission vehicles in cities.

The truck is designed for tasks like waste management, distribution, and construction. It has a low driving position for better visibility and control in cities. The design is based on the FM model but with modifications to the cab, making it more spacious and easy to enter and exit. This creates a comfortable and efficient workspace for drivers.

The truck is equipped with a 360-kilowatt-hour battery that is split into four packs. It has a targeted range of 125 miles (200 kilometers), but the actual range may differ depending on factors such as load and driving conditions. Despite the higher energy consumption of electric trucks compared to cars, the FM Low Entry can be quickly recharged through both onboard and external DC chargers, ensuring fast operational readiness.

Sales of the FM Low Entry will start in Europe and South Korea this quarter, with production scheduled for the second quarter of 2024. The launch of this model could lead to the introduction of similar electric models in other regions, such as North America, due to Volvo Group’s worldwide reach.

The FM Low Entry truck comes with features such as meeting the Transport for London 5-star Direct Vision Standard, easy steering with Volvo Dynamic Steering, and different seating options to improve visibility. It also includes Volvo’s Camera Monitor System, multiple cab heights, axle configurations, and a powerful 330-kilowatt motor.

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