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Tesla Ordered To Fix Air Quality Violations At Fremont Factory

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) is cracking down on Tesla’s Fremont factory. The agency’s Hearing Board issued an order demanding Tesla to address recurring air quality violations.

Air Quality

These violations stem from Tesla’s paint shop operations. Over 112 notices of violation have been issued since 2019 due to Tesla emitting harmful pollutants directly into the air. These emissions include volatile organic compounds and toxic air contaminants. Each violation can release hundreds of pounds of illegal pollution, impacting public health and the environment.

The order mandates a two-step plan from Tesla:

  1. Independent Evaluation: Tesla must hire a third-party consultant to assess the problem and propose solutions. Based on these recommendations, Tesla will develop a plan for implementation and submit it for approval by the Hearing Board.
  2. Implementation and Compliance: Once approved, Tesla must execute the plan. This includes preventing uncontrolled emissions and ensuring proper use of the abatement system. Exceptions are only allowed for critical safety reasons.

Tesla’s violations have multiple causes. In some instances, their thermal oxidizer malfunctions, causing emissions to bypass the abatement system and pollute the air. Even when the equipment functions properly, Tesla sometimes shuts it down due to unrelated issues in the paint shop, leading to unfiltered emissions.

The BAAQMD emphasizes that these shutdowns are unacceptable, especially when caused by Tesla’s own actions or those of its contractors. The order aims to prevent these practices and ensure Tesla prioritizes clean air.

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