Early Cybertruck Models Are Being Upgraded Quietly!

Trouble continues for Tesla’s Cybertruck. Just months after deliveries began, the company is contacting some early adopters about replacing their electric motors.

Tesla frames this as an “upgrade” to “more efficient and reliable” versions of electric motors during service visits. However, the offer seems limited to the Foundation Series – a $20,000 premium trim with cosmetic tweaks that’s already faced problems.

These early Cybertrucks have seen a slew of issues: sunken “frunks” (front trunks), stuck pedals leading to a recall, failing brakes, and malfunctioning giant windshield wipers. Notably, motor problems haven’t been widely reported – until now.

Unclear Details Surround the “Upgrade”

Tesla Cybertruck: Pedal Confusion, And Now Gear Shifter Drama

Many questions remain unanswered. Tesla hasn’t specified if they’ll replace front or rear motors, nor how many vehicles are affected. Electrek suggests this could be a disguised retrofitting effort to address drivetrain issues in Foundation Series motors.

While Tesla assures owners the “upgrade” is free, so are safety recalls. This lack of transparency adds to the frustration for early Cybertruck owners who waited years and paid a premium for a vehicle plagued by problems.

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