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GM Makes Significant Investment In Battery Recycling Firm

General Motor’s (GM) investment arm, GM Ventures, has made a large investment in Lithion’s Series A financing round, helping


New “Gen6” BMW Battery Promises A Range Of 1000 Kilometers

BMW revealed new 46 mm “round” format, sixth-generation, CATL-supplied EV batteries last week, saying they will provide more range

Sustainable Battery Materials

Searching For A Sustainable Battery Material

With the widespread use of electronic gadgets and electric cars, sustainable battery materials are in high demand, and sodium


Tesla Is Experiencing Difficulty In Mass Producing 4680 Battery Cells

Tesla purchased Maxwell Technologies, a business that specialized in sophisticated ultracapacitors, three years ago. But Tesla purchased the firm

A Look At Popular Battery Chemistries Available For Storage Systems

A Look At Popular Battery Chemistries Available For Storage Systems

In 2021, renewable energy sources accounted for around 20% of total power output. To effectively exploit the promise of

'Battery Waste Management Rules, 2022

A Quick Look At Battery Waste Management Rules (2022)

The Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change announced new rules under the ‘Battery Waste Management Rules, 2022,‘ which

Tesla Megapack

New Launch – A Tesla LFP Battery Megapack With 50% More Power

A significant update was recently noticed on the Tesla Megapack website. Until recently, each Megapack was stated as having


GE Will Triple Solar & Battery Storage Production In India

General Electric (GE), a US multinational corporation, plans to triple its solar and battery energy storage manufacturing capacity in

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