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Biomining – An Eco-Friendly Way Of Recycling EV Batteries

Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries themselves only have a shelf life of eight to ten years. There are more than 1.4 billion


BASF To Build New Battery Recycling Prototype Plant In Germany

BASF has announced plans for a new battery recycling prototype plant in Schwarzheide, which is in the southern part

chemical recycling

Chemical Recycling – An Attempt To Recycle The Unrecyclable Plastic

Every year, more than 380 million tonnes of plastic is produced worldwide. The way we normally recycle plastics is


Toeing The Line – Tesla To Add Recycling Facility At Shanghai Factory

China, the world’s biggest car market, sold over 1.3 million electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles last year so the


Ecoreco- India’s First Recycling Company That Is Listed On BSE

With annual revenues of Rs 15 crore, Eco Recycling Ltd (Ecoreco), a Mumbai-based company that is the “first company

Rail Wheel Factory

Rail Wheel Factory Saves Big By Recycling Sand…

The Rail Wheel Factory (RWF) at Yelahanka has managed to save a huge quantity of a valuable natural resource


Phool Is Recycling Flowers Thrown In River Ganga

Entrepreneur Ankit Agarwal’s (flower) which has received investment from the social arm of the Tata business group, employ’s


Li-Cycle – Trying To Solve Global Battery Recycling Problem

New Flyer, a bus manufacturer (including both New Flyer Industries Canada ULC and New Flyer of America Inc.), has

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