Sakuu, a Silicon Valley-based revolutionary battery firm, has been attempting to bring 3D-printed solid-state batteries to market. The company on February 16 said that, since December of last year, company has successfully and regularly built 3D-printed fully functional batteries in bespoke forms and sizes in a totally dry process atContinue Reading

3D Printing Is Making The Automotive Industry More Sustainable

With Project Arrow, a revolutionary electric car with a fully functional 3D-printed chassis, Canadian auto parts suppliers hope to stand out from the crowd. Canada is unlikely to be the first country mentioned in a discussion about electric auto components or 3D printing, but Project Arrow has the potential toContinue Reading


Sakuu and NGK have established a partnership to create 3D-printed solid-state batteries. NGK will contribute to the development of solid-state batteries by providing ceramic materials for present and future battery production. Sakuu now produces lithium-metal batteries with an energy density of 800 Wh/l and a continuous discharge rate of 3CContinue Reading


Enovix announced the development of BrakeFlow™ (BrakeFlow), their 3D Silicon™ lithium-ion batteries, in March 2022. The technique is an intra-cell device that boosts thermal runaway tolerance from internal shorts without losing energy density. The firm focuses on advanced silicon-anode lithium-ion battery development and manufacture, and it is now constructing aContinue Reading


The struggle against climate change makes the hunt for carbon-neutral energy sources more pressing. One of the answers on which hopes are placed is green hydrogen, which is created from water using renewable energies. However, transporting and storing the extremely explosive gas is tricky, therefore scientists throughout the world areContinue Reading


Tesla has disclosed financial information for the first quarter of 2022. The financials are impressive, but there is something more in the report that is rather intriguing.  According to the company, almost half of all vehicles produced in Q1 had lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries fitted, which included neither nickelContinue Reading