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3DBio Therapeutics

3DBio Therapeutics Implants A 3D Printed Ear

A 3DBio Therapeutics team of scientists successfully transplanted a 3D printed ear constructed from the patient’s own cells. This


Superstrata – A 3D Printed E-Bike With 500,000+ Customization Options

Carbon fiber bikes are nothing new, but when the tech gets together with 3D printing, things get crazy. A


Czinger 21C – World’s First 3D Printed Hypercar

The Czinger 21C isn’t just another boutique hypercar. It demonstrates a new way of building cars. The 21C’s construction

World’s First 3D Printed Self-Driven Bus

Local Motors of Chandler, Arizona is a world leader in the manufacture of 3D-printed vehicles. It has focused its

Project Milestone : The First 3D Printed Habitable Houses

3D printing is becoming a staple in a vast number of different industry applications — from liquid metal fixtures

Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions

Tvasta Took Just 21 Days To Build India’s First 3D-Printed House!

Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, a start-up started by graduates of IIT-Madras receives the honor of construing India’s first 3D printed


SQ4D Has Listed First 3D-Printed House For SALE

For the first time, a 3D-printed house is for sale in the United States, and its fabrication process makes

KFC Chicken

KFC To Test 3D-Printed Chicken Nuggets Soon…

American fast food chain KFC wants to craft the “world’s first laboratory-produced chicken nuggets.” To create this “meat of

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