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Antarctica melting

Melting Of Antarctica Is A Bad News For Humanity

Antarctica is the world’s highest, driest, coldest, windiest, and brightest continent. It is about the size of the United


Indian Antarctic Bill – An Effort To Protect Antarctica’s Fragile Ecosystem

Last Monday, the Lok Sabha approved the Indian Antarctic Bill 2022, which seeks to establish national safeguards for the

ice shelf

Larsen Ice Shelf In Antarctica Has Broken Into The Ocean ;(

According to a news statement from the Earth Institute at Columbia University, a major portion of the Larsen Ice


Antarctic Sea Ice Has Reached A Record Low…

According to the latest data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center, sea ice in Antarctica has officially


Antarctica Witnesses Another Massive Ice Lake Disappearance

Researchers have discovered the sudden disappearance of a massive, icy lake in East Antarctica. Scientists say that the lake

Pine island

Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier Is Melting Faster Than Before…

The ice shelf that holds Antarctica’s massive Pine Island Glacier from collapsing into the Southern Ocean is breaking up faster than


Half Of Antarctica’s Ice Shelves Could Collapse In A Flash

Half of Antarctica’s ice shelves could collapse in a flash, however, the time frame over which this process could


White Antarctica Is Turning Green

A team of biologists from the University of Cambridge have created the first-ever large-scale map of algae blooming across

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