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Droughts Threaten The Future Of Hydropower

Drought has altered the appearance and operation of Lake Mead, the reservoir of Hoover Dam. It’s at a historically

Here Is Why Improved Forecasts Are Not Helping Prevent Floods And Droughts

Extreme rainfall events that led to the major flood in Mumbai in August 2017 and the disastrous Kerala flood


New Irrefutable Data Links Drought With Climate Change

Droughts and floods are expected to grow more common and severe as our planet heats and climate changes, but

Attribution Science Is Helping In Understanding The Impact Of Climate Change

Attribution Science Is Aiding In Understanding Climate Change

Attribution science, which is concerned with understanding the role of climate change versus natural weather patterns and climate variability,


Venice, The City of Water, No More Has Water

An exceptionally dry winter in Europe is forcing the world-famous canals of Venice, Italy, to dry up, as shown

Is Plant-Based Milk Good For The Planet?

Is Plant-Based Milk Good For The Planet?

Dairy farming is a disaster for the environment. Cows are one of the most significant agricultural sources of climate

Climate Change Is Taking a Large Toll On Our Planet

Climate Change Is Taking a Large Toll On Our Planet

According to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), if carbon emissions are not reduced, three-quarters of the

Himalayan Glacier And With It Ganga River May Disappear Soon...

Himalayan Glacier And With It River Ganga May Disappear Soon…

The Hindu devout dream of walking to Gaumukh, where the waters of India’s holy river, the Ganges, emerge from

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