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Gujarat Launches A Progressive And Balanced EV Policy

The Indian state of Gujarat has launched a progressive and future-looking electric vehicles (EV) policy. The EV policy approval is timely


TN EV Policy – Tariff For Both Domestic Consumption & Private Charging Station Will Remain Same For Now

According to the Tamil Nadu Electric Vehicle (TN EV) Policy, 2019, the tariff applicable for domestic consumption shall be

EV Policy

Thanks To New EV Policy Delhi Become The First State To Have 3000+ EVs

Delhi government had recently announced a new EV policy (electric vehicle) in which it made sure that subsidies were

Tamil Nadu’s EV Policy Draft Has A Host Of Incentives For Manufacturers And Buyers

Tamil Nadu plans to offer a raft of incentives and special sops for 3-5 years to attract electric vehicle (EV)

Telangana Has A EV policy In Place Now

Telangana has announced a new policy to encourage green mobility. This makes it the fourth state in India, after

Battery Swapping Policy Has Divided The Indian EV Industry

In an advisory issued on August 12, the government has allowed registration of EVs without their batteries, a move

Uttar Pradesh Releases Draft EV Manufacturing Policy

Uttar Pradesh government has created a roadmap for promoting the development of EV vehicle manufacturing capacity in the state,

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Green Hydrogen’s Levelised Cost Can Boost Renewable Energy Adoption

According to ratings agency ICRA, ” Under the base case scenario of delivering renewable cost of procurement, including intra-state

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