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Arabian Sea Warming Cause of Extreme Weather in India

Events of heavy downpour over a short span of time have become a regular occurrence leading to frequent floods


India Is Forced To ‘Ban Wheat Export’ Due To Climate Change

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has interrupted global wheat supply, India, the world’s third largest exporter, has chosen to step in

India sea level

Major Indian Cities Await A Watery Grave…

A new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has dire warnings for India, which is already


Extreme Heat Is Melting Roads All Over The World

During last weekend’s deadly heat wave, some roads in the US Pacific Northwest buckled, same was seen in other

solar park damage

Cost Of Solar Projects To Rise Due To Extreme Weather Events

The cost of building solar and road projects in western India is expected to rise following an increase in

Warming planet

Is Warming Planet Responsible For Extreme Weather Globally?

685,000 Americans are subject to mandatory evacuation orders this week — 385,000 in Texas, 200,000 in Louisiana, and 100,000

Preparations By India To Combat Climate Change

Climate change is a global challenge and requires efforts by all nations based on the principle of Common but

Dear Government, India Is Just Not Prepared For Climate Change…Please Do The Needful ASAP

India, where one in every seventh person on the planet lives, has till date not conduct a national study

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