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Oxygen Depletion May Trigger Another Mass Extinction In Ocean

At the end of the Permian Period, around 252 million years ago, the biggest extinction catastrophe in Earth’s history


Pollution & Climate Change Is Depleting Lake Oxygen 9x Faster Than Oceans

Freshwater lakes lose oxygen at nine times the rate of oceans due to pollution and warming waters. Water temperatures

climate change

Climate Change Is Leading To Deoxygenation Of Lakes

Climate change is contributing to falling oxygen levels in lakes across the world, according to a new study. Previous studies have

Marine Plastic Is Killing Oxygen Giving Bacteria

People are aware about animals ingesting plastic but virtually nothing is known about how it affects life-giving bacteria at

Human Waste & Toxic Effluents Are Lowering ‘Dissolved Oxygen’ In River Ganga

Dissolved oxygen is an important parameter that determines health and rejuvenation capacity of any riverine ecosystem. The amount of

Ornamental Plants Release Maximum Oxygen

The recent Nasa findings that ornamental plants release maximum oxygen seem to have prompted the Assam government to plan

Sand To Green

Sand To Green Is Cultivating Desert For Food Security!

Sand to Green, a French-Moroccan enterprise, wants to transform the desert from a hazard to a food supplier. The

A New Lithium-Air Battery With Same Energy Density As Gasoline

A New Lithium-Air Battery With Same Energy Density As Gasoline

Researchers from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and Argonne National Labs have created a practical demonstration of a

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