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Tesla’s Recent Price Cut May Give It A Competitive Advantage

Electric vehicles are growing increasingly popular among purchasers, and Tesla is likely to be the first brand that comes


New Tesla Self-Driving Accident That Causes Eight-Vehicle Crash, Injures Child

New video has emerged of a Tesla self-driving car accident that caused a pileup on the San Francisco Bay

Tesla Semis' Range Is Reduced Drastically When Hauling Heavy Cargo

Tesla Semis’ Range Is Reduced Drastically When Hauling Heavy Cargo

Tesla began delivering trucks to customers this month, five years after first displaying the Semi vehicle to the public.


BYD And Tesla Are Doing Exceptionally Well In Emerging Markets

Clean Future is thrilled to share the news of electric vehicle (EV) OEMs entering new markets and succeeding in

Semi Truck

Tesla Semi Truck Drives 800 Kms On A Single Charge

Tesla posted a time-lapse video of one of its all-electric Semi trucks going 500 miles (800 kilometers) on a

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Is Europe’s Greenest Car According To NCAP

Tesla’s electric vehicles are becoming increasingly safe — and similar in terms of sustainability. The Tesla Model 3 recently

Tesla Killing

Tesla Mow Down 2 And Injures 3 In China

A Tesla in China was caught on video killing two people and wounding three more due to an apparent

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Kills In Autopilot Mode: Is It Man Or Machine’s Fault?

A contentious manslaughter lawsuit involving a deadly incident caused by a Tesla vehicle with the controversial Autopilot technology turned

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