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Amazing – Tesla Fire Rekindled After 3 Weeks In A Junkyard

It’s one thing to put out a Tesla fire once. Putting out a Tesla fire that rekindled three weeks


Tesla’s Autopilot (2014-2021) Is Under Investigation For Malfunction

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is expanding its investigation into Tesla Autopilot incidents to encompass nearly every


Ford & Tesla Are NOT Advertising Their Electric Vehicles…

Ford, like Tesla, is planning to stop spending on electric vehicle (EV) advertising. Why? Because its EVs have been sold out


What ??? – Tesla Is ‘Out’ While Oil Companies ‘Get Space’ In S&P 500 ESG Index

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States intends to prohibit greenwashing in ESG (Environmental, Social, and

Goodyear Airless Tires

Goodyear Is Testing Airless Tires On Tesla Model 3 !

Goodyear is apparently testing airless tires on a Tesla Model 3, and the results seem promising. The tires performed


Tesla’s India Entry Plan Is “On Hold”

Tesla’s entry into India is now on hold, with the company abandoning its hunt for a showroom facility and

Panasonic Battery

Panasonic Invests $692 Million To Mass Produce Tesla’s 4680 Battery

Panasonic intends to begin scale manufacturing of Tesla’s 4680 battery cells in fiscal year 2024. Two new manufacturing lines

Telsa Megapack

Lessons From The Tesla Megapack Fire In Australia…

The Tesla Megapack battery incident at Victoria Big Battery in Australia last year was a learning experience for Tesla

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