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United Airlines

United Airlines Invests $15 Million in An Electric Aircraft Startup

Some believe that electric aircraft are certainly the future, while others believe it is all nonsense. What truly inspires

United Airlines

United Airlines To Bring Electric Airplanes To Masses By 2026

When emissions from the aviation industry is frying the planet to a crisp, United Airlines has just inked an

Archer Aviation

Next Month, Archer Aviation Will Reveal Its “Midnight” eVTOL Aircraft

There is a high need for eVTOL crafts that can function as both aircraft and helicopters and can meet

Small Electric Planes Will Pave The Way For Green Aviation

Small Electric Planes Will Pave The Way For Green Aviation

As easy as flying is, it is not good for the environment—according to some estimates, commercial flights alone account

See How Green Standards Is Solving F-Waste…

Office furniture – chairs, cubicles, tables, and more – represent a massive waste stream that’s often ignored, but which

sustainable aviation

Sustainable Aviation Is A Real Possibility In Near Future

Some innovations in aviation industry are already promising marginal improvements in the short term, such as artificial intelligence (AI)

Breakthrough Energy Catalyst – A New $15 Billion Fund For Clean Energy Initiatives

Green energy and clean technology initiatives in the US, the European Union, and the United Kingdom might benefit from

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Drones Can Deliver Now After FAA Go Ahead

Amazon Prime Air, the retail giant’s drone delivery project, was just designated an “air carrier” by the Federal Aviation

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