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Wireless EV Charging Hits The Road

Wireless EV charging on-the-go is looking more real than ever before. That’s right, you’re charging as you drive, or


HEVO To Commercialize A Medium Pizza Box Size Wireless Charging Device For EVs

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy has licensed its wireless charging technology for electric

wireless charging roads

Clean Future – Wireless Charging Roads For EVs

Researchers at Cornell University are developing a special wireless charging roads that’s capable of charging vehicles’ batteries as they

wireless charging

Wireless Hands Free EV Charging For Fleet Operators

Wireless EV charging would be a nifty convenience for personal electric vehicle owners, and it looks like auto makers

BMW Roles Out Wireless EV Charging

Charging an electric vehicle (EV) should be as convenient as refueling a gasoline car, if not better. It has

5 EV Wireless Charging Myths Busted

Alex Gruzen, the CEO of WiTricity, is as passionate about wireless charging as Elon Musk is about electric cars.

A New 500 kW Wireless Charging Technology Unveiled

A New 500 kW Wireless Charging Technology Unveiled

Chalmers University in Sweden claims to have invented a wireless charging method that can recharge batteries with up to


Electreon – Why Do We Need Wireless Charging Highways?

Electreon is an Israeli publicly listed company with the sole objective of commercializing wireless electric road systems. One would

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