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Chevron's Plastic-Derived Biofuel Has 1-in-4 Lifetime Cancer Risk

Chevron’s Plastic-Derived Biofuel Has 1-in-4 Lifetime Cancer Risk

Plastic-derived biofuels, proposed as part of the Biden Administration’s response to the global climate issue, appear to give both


New Study – Is Biofuel Really Green?

Government incentives helped kickstart a biofuel boom in the United States around 15 years ago. Every year, ethanol plants

Europe Ban

Europe Stops Use Of Palm Oil As A Biofuel Feedstock

The European Parliament cleared the path for the use of green fuels in planes in a close vote. They


Production Of Biofuels Is Stealing Food From 1.9 Billion People

Biofuels, which are generated from plant oils, agricultural waste, or wood, can be used to power vehicles and buses.

New Biofuel Formula For Aircraft & More

A New Biofuel Formula For Aircraft & More…

Zero-emission aviation on a large scale is still years away. That is why aviation stakeholders are so enthusiastic about

bluShift Aerospace

Amazing – bluShift Aerospace Launches Biofuel-Powered Rocket

The space startup bluShift Aerospace successfully launched a low-flying rocket on Sunday using a kind of fuel that the


Brilliant – Indian Biofuel Development Gets A $2.5 Million Boost

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $2.5 million technical assistance (TA) to support advanced (second-generation) biofuel development


Biofuel Fans Are Looking At Cyanobacteria, As A Means, To Fix Carbon

The latest development in the world of Biofuel involves cyanobacteria, aka blue-green algae, an organism that has been around

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