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Pave Motors

Pave Motors Introduces a Blockchain-Enabled E-Moped

Buying a small electric vehicle (EV) allows you to cease using fossil fuels for personal transportation on short journeys.

Volvo: Using Blockchain Tech To Guarantee “Conflict Mineral” Free EV Batteries

Blockchain technology is a time-stamped series of transactions that are linked together mathematically, to form a “chain.” using a

Blockchain Tech Can Help In Our Fight Against Climate Change

In a blockchain, there is no centralized ledger. No single entity is managing a master ledger the way a

Blockchain Is Revolutionizing Renewable Energy

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger technology. When applied to the energy sector, it will enable people to trade energy

Japan’s Solar Energy Trading To Use Blockchain

Electrify is a Singapore-based energy retail marketplace. It will soon be making it possible for excess solar power to

Plastic Bank’s Blockchain Tech Is Saving Oceans

For more than six decades, plastic waste has been threatening the the beauty that we can find beneath the

Power Ledger

Tata Power & Power Ledger Announce Peer-2-Peer Solar Power Trading Pilot

Tata Power Delhi announced that it will collaborate with Australia-based Power Ledger to launch a pilot project where prosumers

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